Business Magic

ave you ever wondered why your bag felt so heavy as you trudged up the beach on your way home after a wonderful day in the sun?

Most of the time it’s because you are carrying kilos of sand in your bags, towels, and chairs but brushing it all off felt so unnecessary when you were packing up, so you just did a quick job and got rid of the really obvious parts.

Our businesses can be a bit like that. Each year the ‘stuff’ we carry over seems unimportant… and there’s already so much to do!

So, we carry on. And we carry our ’stuff’ with us… good things and bad things… it doesn’t really matter which. Both weigh us down, stop us from really seeing what we could be, and stop us reaching for the heights.

Both of us – Lynne Rivero and Jack Middleton – have seen the toll this takes on our clients as they carry their ‘stuff’ along year after year.

We’ve also seen the transformation that happens when people like you just… STOP!

Take a deep breath. Let go of the past completely… its victories and its defeats. Focus on what you really want. Then plot your course towards your goal.

Make 2018 the Year You Find Abundance and Joy in Your Business

This is not your average goal-setting and planning retreat.
This is…Creating Business Magic!


ather than getting carried away in the day-to-day frenzy of running your business, it’s important that you take time to reflect. Like the sand you carry from the beach, your past triumphs as well as your past challenges and defeats can block the flow of energy and abundance.

Lynne Rivero, clairvoyant, healer, and spiritual business mentor will help you to identify and release everything that may block your flow of energy and stop you from fully realising your potential so that you can start the new year refreshed, energised and forward-focused.

Working with Lynne has helped me immensely in my business and personal life.

I can go to a session with Lynne feeling totally overwhelmed and stuck in my business and life and then the next day I am back on track, feeling focused and in action again.

To know you have Lynne and the Universe to back you every step of the way is an amazing feeling.

If you want 2017 to be your breakthrough year then I would highly recommend the Business Magic Retreat.

Sarah Tovey

Your Relationship Marketing Mentor


nce you’ve cleared out all the debris from the past, it’s time to look to the future!

Your Vision and Action Plan will keep you focused and accountable and provide a filter for all your decisions. When you are confident about your direction you will be easily able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to opportunities because you’ll quickly identify whether they aligned with your goals and priorities. This means you have more energy to take action on important things that drive you forward.

Jack Middleton is a branding and business strategist who will help you define and position your business so that it is 100% aligned with your passions, expertise and goals and then guide you through the process of discovering exactly what you need to do to take you from where you are now to the place you want to head for.

This IS about Creating Magic in Your Business…

…New moon is the perfect time to set intentions and get activated with clarity.

And when your business is aligned with your true purpose and the power of the universe, it goes from strength to strength!

Working with Jack has challenged me to step into my power and the impact I want to make. Every time we work together I get more clarity and direction for my business which lessens the ‘overwhelm’.

Before I worked with Jack I was chasing my tail, going round in circles and not getting where ‘I really wanted to go’.

Jack had the expertise to get to the essence of my purpose before working with me towards turning my vision into reality.

The most valuable quality that Jack has brought to our sessions is her ability to be as passionate as I am about my business and bring that passion to the planning table to get stuff done.

As a result of working with Jack, I now have a business that feels right for me, flows with unbelievable ease and oozes prosperity.

Delvina Waiti

The Soulful Leader

“It’s been mind-blowing…I am walking away feeling like a new person and definitely ready to launch my business”

Melanie Day, Photographer

“I am leaving with clarity and a sense of calm”

Charma Voller, HR Consultant

“”I came feeling very overwhelmed….and now…I am ready to roar.”

Kathryn Arbuckle, Beats for the Soul

Kate Ritchie, Let Lulu
Business Magic, Melbourne
Melanie Birt, Award-Winning Photographer
Business Magic, Melbourne


Liz Clancy, Healer & Massage Therapist
Business Magic, Melbourne

Join Us at the next Business Magic Retreat!

Mission Beach, QLD

1st – 3rd June
Licuala, Mission Beach

Retreat plus Accommodation

  •  Welcome ceremony with drinks and nibbles – Friday evening.
  • Powerful spiritual workshops and energy activities with clairvoyant healer Lynne Rivero
  • Small group business masterminding led by branding and business strategist Jack Middleton
  • Lunch and daily refreshments included
  • 2 nights shared accomodation at the retreat venue
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Optional group dinner not included – Saturday evening

Payment Plans – Mission Beach, June 2018

Business Magic Retreat
3 monthly payments of $230

Business Magic Retreat plus Accomodation
3 monthly payments of $300

Please note ; single rooms are not available at the Mission Beach venue.

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Business Magic, Townsville
Gaynor Lawton, Belief Strategist
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Business Magic, Townsville

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3rd – 5th August


22nd – 24th February 2019
Linga Longa